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Vale of Eternal Blossoms and Uldum Assaults Guide

Patch 8.3 adds assaults to the Vale of Eternal Blossoms and Uldum. These new attacks work in a different way than what you would assume and are the most important part of keeping up with patch content. Here is what you want to know.

☑️ Vale of Eternal Blossoms and Uldum Assault Basics.

  • First - Unlock the ability to do assaults by completing your Black Empire Campaign Quest Chain.
  • The N'Zoth eye in the corner of your map will direct you right to the map of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms or Uldum after clicked. Each of those zones can include either a Black Empire Assault or a lesser Allies of N'Zoth Assault.
    • Black Empire Assaults
      • N'Zoth's minions are attacking the zone with full force.
      • Weekly Duration - Alternates between the two zone each week.
      • The entrance to the Ny'alotha raid will be wherever this invasion is occurring that week.
      • Completing this assault rewards you with 1500 reputation with The Uldum Accord (if assault is in Uldum) or the Rajani (if assault is in Vale of Eternal Blossoms), 750 Artifact Power, and a Cache of the Black Empire which contains:
    • Allies of N'Zoth Assaults
      • These assaults are smaller and don't change the zone as drastically. Allies of N'Zoth attack other sections of the map on a smaller scale.
      • Occur twice a week (Tuesday and Friday on the US; Wednesday and Friday on the EU region).
      • Completing these assaults reward you with 500 reputation with The Uldum Accord (if assault is in Uldum) or the Rajani (if assault is in Vale of Eternal Blossoms), 750 Artifact Power, and a Cache of the Amathet / Cache of the Aqir Swarm / Cache of the Fallen Mogu / Cache of the Mantid Swarm (depending on which N'Zoth ally is invading) which contains:

🥇 Why these Assaults important?

  • Assaults will be your primary way to attain Coalescing Visions, the main currency you need to purchase Vessel of Horrific Visions to enter Horrific Visions and upgrade your legendary cloak.
  • Some activities also grant Corrupted Mementos, currency used to purchase not only new talents from your Archival Research Database to help with Horrific Visions, but also a mount, and Gouged Eye of N'Zoth to add sockets to gear.

🌀 Objectives

  • Stage 1 - During an assault you will have to fill your standard percentage bar by doing tasks, all of which grant Coalescing Visions and possibly some Corrupted Mementos. These tasks include: Killing rares and mobs, completing bonus objectives and interacting with clickable objects.
  • Stage 2 - Completing your percent bar will then have you defeat an elite named commander within zone. Once defeated, you return to the reputation hub of the zone to accept your rewards.
  • Lesser Visions of N'Zoth
    • Displayed as an obelisk on your map
    • Have a sanity meter similar to Horrific Visions, but are just visions of the current zone being assaulted
    • Located in whichever area has the Black Empire Assault for the week
    • You may only enter one per day
    • Outside the Vision will be an NPC with a daily quest to complete an objective inside the Vision
  • Reputation Dailies
    • Each of the new reputation factions will also have a set of daily quests found in their hubs.
    • Completing these dailies is your main source of rep for these new factions.
    • These dailies award Coalescing Visions.


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