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Frequently Asked Questions

Fragile Boost was born at the start of Mists of Pandaria when there was a huge gap in the market; a place for a quality,trustworthy and reliable boosting service. After seeing and breathing life into this opportunity, Fragile Boost quickly grew to become one of the biggest boosting services around and this was all due down to the quality boosting we offer; we worked with professionals around the clock to better our service and grow our name. The client is the MOST important person and Fragile Boost will make sure to give the client the service they truly desire.

We have fulfilled thousands of services and have never recieved any negative feedback. Every single one of the responses were positive and we can proudly say that our service is one of the best around. You can check our feedback on Ownedcore; EpicNPC; ElitePVPers, Trustpilot and finally, our website.

Our boosters are professional employees of Fragile Boost. Due to this, they'll know how to deal with any situation thrown at them, and have gone through training to become a valued member of the Fragile Boost Team. They do not reveal any information regarding boosts to anyone; it's confidential between the booster and the client. With this method of work, we can guarantee 100% safety when purchasing with Fragile Boost. Your personal data is encrypted in our database, and once the client is happy with the transaction and satisfied with the service, details used in the boost are permanently deleted. We only require your log in details, nothing more. Information you porivde is visible to the employee dealing with your order. Rest assured, Fragile Boost has your back! Refer to our Testimonals for further solidification.

At Fragile Boost, safe transactions for the client are very, very important. Customer retention is our biggest pride, and we attain this by providing a safe environment in every encounter on our website. We're accepting PayPal and Skrill as payment options. If neither of these options are viable for you, we also offer a 'one-time payment option' which you can pay directly from your Credit or Debit card via PayPal (You won't need an account for the last option) Our experts in finance HIGHLY reccomend looking into a PayPal account, as they are the leading company dealing with online transactions. Fragile Boost are verified on PayPal, which means we conform to PayPal's guidelines, attaining a 'Trusted Seller' rank.

All refund claims are investigated individually and carefully. Each case is unique, and if the boost has been completed but a refund is still requested, we'll review the case and get back to you within 48 hours of the request. In addition to this, if a refund is requested before the boost is started, then we offer a 100% refund policy.

Absolutely not. Our boosters, as aforementioned, are trained professionally and are professional gamers across every game we offer services for. Whilst they are carrying out the order, no contact will be made whatsoever, with anyone on the account. You have our word on that.

At Fragile Boost, we believe strongly in customer retention. Therefore, we have promotions active throughout the year concurrently, our loyal and repeat customers can contact us directly for special promotions.

Currently, these are our available promotions. Check back later in the year for an updated list!:

  • 5% discount on first order.
  • 10% discount on first order if you subscribe.
  • We love friends! Refer us a friend and you'll recieve 10% off your next order.

No, our company keeps their hands completely clean, and all of our employees are trained professionals with expertise in the chosen game.

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