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Uldir - Heroic Loot Run

Uldir has a non-linear structure of raid, which allows you to choose the order of the bosses to slaughter.
There are 8 bosses in total: Taloc, Mother, Fetid Devourer, Zek'voz, Herald of N'zoth, Vectis, Zul, Mythrax and finally G'huun.
Uldir Heroic raid has a weekly lockout and drops 370+ item level loot (up to 390 Titanforged). Join this awesome adventure with one of the best boosting guilds and be one of the first to get Uldir Heroic Loot Run and have the best gaming experience!

You can buy Uldir Heroic Loot Run boost with account share or self-play. For this service the price is listed with account share or self-play, so it's up to you to choose the most convenient option. You have the opportunity to buy additional 3x / 5x / 7x loot in our raids to increase the quantity of loot you will get from the raid and to have a minimum quantity of items guaranteed (just like it was in Master Loot raids). Our professional and trusted players will boost your character, all you have to do is customize the order for your needs and enjoy collecting all the epic rewards and achievements!

🕒 Time of completion: 2+ hours.

🔒 Account rules and requirements:

  • Your login and password in case of account share. It is with account share on default. If you want to play on your own character, please select the "Self-play" option on the right.
  • Level 120 character. If you don't have it yet, you may order it here.
  • Do not log in your account during the boost.

💬 Contact our operators for any additional questions.

Uldir – Heroic Loot Run


Uldir heroic boost prepares you for mythic difficulty and significantly strengthens the power of your character.

    We will add additional boosters with your armor type to trade trade items for you.

    • 15 €

    We will add additional boosters with your armor type to trade trade items for you.

    • 18 €
    • 0 €
    • 0 €
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