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Tier 1 Raid Full Gear

Tier 1 Raid Gear is the first tier set in Classic WoW, dropped in Molten Core. The pieces are available in Phase 1, right with the launch of Classic WoW.
Each set has 2-piece, 4-piece, 6-piece and 8-piece bonuses, granting additional stats and effects as more pieces of a set are equipped. This gear is crucial to obtain to prepare your character for raiding in Blackwing Lair.
Join this awesome adventure with one of the best boosting guilds and be one of the first to get Full Tier 1 Raid Gear and have the best gaming experience!

You can buy Tier 1 Raid Full Gear boost with account share only. Our professional and trusted players will boost your character, all you have to do is customize the order for your needs and enjoy collecting all the epic rewards and achievements!

🕒 Time of completion: 2-3 weeks.

  • Multiple Molten Core runs.
  • Full Tier 1 set gear and Molten Core for additional slots.

🔒 Account rules and requirements:

  • Your login and password cause of account share.
  • Level 60 character. If you don't have it yet, you may order it here.
  • Do not log in your account during the boost.

💬 Contact our operators for any additional questions.

📦 Group Loot
Run with Group Loot option means that items you will get fully depends on your team. Every single loot is rolled out to your group and you will have to press Need (if its your main spec) or Greed (if your off spec) for the item. You will get all 58 ilvl loot for your character's chosen spec including rare and epic items which will be given to you automatically.

🌀 Loot Distribution
Whatever loot drops that your character can use you will roll NEED on it while everyone else in the group will pass on it, guaranteeing you get the loot you desire.

Available Realms
Ask our support for available realms, as our availability is growing every day.
We can cover more than 60% of the Classic realms on both EU and US.

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Tier 1 Raid Full Gear

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Buy Classic Tier 1 Full Raid Gear Boost! Pro players will carry you through Molten Core and Onyxia’s Lair untill you get full T1 Set! Be the best geared on your server on the best price!

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