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Honor Farming

Honor Farming is all about killing the enemy in open world and battlegrounds and achieve the highest PvP Rank as possible, based on Rank you've gained, a bunch of reward will be unlocked, such as PvP set items that have unique models for Horde and Alliance players. You also get cool PvP titles for every new rank.!
Our professional pvp boosting team consists of several multi-ranked 1 Gladiators with huge experience in providing the fastest, most secure and reliable service. Join our team, crush your enemies while winning every battles and claim your ultimate rewards!

You can buy Honor Farming boost with account share only. Our professional and trusted players will boost your character, all you have to do is customize the order for your needs and enjoy collecting all the epic rewards and achievements!

🕒 Time of completion: negotiable.
  • You will get the chosen amount of Honor Points.
  • You will get the titles according to the PvP Rank you've gained.
  • Tons of rewards.
  • Depends on chosen level you will get the following rewards:
    • Rank 1: Scout / Private Title and Faction Tabard
    • Rank 2: Grunt / Corporal Title and PvP Trinket
    • Rank 3: Sergeant / Sergeant Title and PvP Cloak
    • Rank 4: Senior Sergeant / Master Sergeant Title and PvP Necklance
    • Rank 5: First Sergeant / Sergeant Major Title and PvP Bracers
    • Rank 6: Stone Guard / Knight Title and PvP potions + tabard
    • Rank 7: Blood Guard / Knight-Lieutenant Title and PvP set boots + gloves
    • Rank 8: Legionnaire / Knight-Captain Title and PvP set chest + legs
    • Rank 9: Centurion / Knight-Champion Title and PvP Battle Standard
    • Rank 10: Champion / Lieutenant Commander Title and PvP set helm + shoulders
    • Rank 11: Lieutenant General / Commander Title and PvP epic mounts
    • Rank 12: General / Marshal Title and PvP epic gloves, legs, boots
    • Rank 13: Warlord / Field Marshal Title and PvP epic helm, chest, shoulders
    • Rank 14: High Warlord / Grand Marshal Title and PvP epic weapons
🔒 Account rules and requirements:
  • Your login and password cause of account share.
  • Level 60 character. If you don't have it yet, you may order it here.
  • Do not log in your account during the boost.

💬 Contact our operators for any additional questions.

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Honor Farming

Honor Farming boost to achieve your desired Honor Rank.

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    • 399 €
    • 749 €


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