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🕒 Time of completion: depends on the choosed option.
We will get your character to the selected Covenant Renown level.
High amount of Reservoir Anima.
You will receive various perks and buffs, depending on your unlocked Renown level.
Lots of transmogs, mounts, toys obtained and unlocked for purchase
Depending on your choice you will get Soulbinds upgrades and Conduits.

🔒 Account rules and requirements:

  • Your login and password cause of account share.
  • Level 60 character. If you don't have it yet, you may order it here.

💬 Contact our operators for any additional questions.

🌀 About Covenant Renown Leveling
Covenant Renown is a main Covenant progression system required to improve your trust with a Covenant and unlock unique Covenant Rewards. There are 2 primary ways to gain Renown with your covenant: completing Covenant Sanctum Weekly Quests and Covenant Campaign chapters. Sanctum Weekly Quests are 2 weekly quests offered by your Covenant in your Covenant Sanctum: Replenish the Reservoir and Return Lost Souls. With these quests you will need to gather Anima for your Sanctum deposit and rescue Tormented Souls from the Maw. These 2 weekly quests are primary source to gain Renown Levels with your Covenant. And Covenant Campaign is the main covenant quest storyline that dives deeper into the plot of the Covenant and reveals more of their story and goals, as well as unlocks unique Covenant rewards. Both these activities represent weekly repeatable routine so why would you waste hours of farming them if you can simply invest your time in more exciting and new Shadowlands end-game content?

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Covenant Renown Leveling

Earn 0,15 Reward Points

Get Covenant Renown Leveling boost to unlock awesome looking Transmogs, Mounts and to increase your characters power by unlock extra conduits!


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