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Battle of Dazar'alor - Mythic Loot Run

Dazar'alor has two different starting points for Horde and Alliance and own ways passing through a total of 6 bosses. Then each faction experience 3 opposite faction's encounters through different flashback stories.
There are 9 bosses in total: Champion of the Light, Grong, Jadefire Masters, Opulence, Conclave, Rastakhan, Mekkatorque, Blockade and finally Jaina.
Dazar'alor Mythic raid has a weekly lockout and drops 415+ item level loot (up to 425 Titanforged). Join this awesome adventure with one of the best boosting guilds and be one of the first to get Dazar'alor Mythic Loot Run and have the best gaming experience!

You can buy Dazar'alor Mythic Loot Run boost with account share or self-play. For this service the price is listed with account share or self-play, so it's up to you to choose the most convenient option. By purchasing Mythic Loot run 2x loot traders comes free in our raids to increase the quantity of loot you will get from the raid and to have a minimum quantity of items dropped (just like it was in Master Loot raids). Our professional and trusted players will boost your character, all you have to do is customize the order for your needs and enjoy collecting all the epic rewards and achievements!

🕒 Time of completion: 3+ hours.

📦 Personal Loot
Raid with Personal Loot option means that quantity of items you will get fully depends on your luck. You will get all 400+ ilvl loot for your character's chosen spec including warforged, titanforged and socketed items which will drop for you personally during the run.

🌀 Loot Distribution
You will know beforehand which group of the raid is your assigned players and trade all 415+ ilvl loot for your character's chosen class and spec. Bonus roll items, items which drops for you personally and items, which are not upgrade for your character still count towards the minimum guarantee, however double items (2 items in the same item slot) does not. In case of a bad luck of not getting minimum guarantee we will make another loot run for your character to get remaining items next week absolutely free.

☑️ Guarantees
Number of items guaranteed depends on the amount of bosses you go with and the loot option you choose, check out our loot table:

 Loot Option   Minimum number of items guaranteed in different slots
3/9 2
4/9 2
5/9 3
6/9 3
7/9 4
8/9 4
9/9 5

⚠️ Things you should know
There's one limitation in Battle for Azeroth loot system in which only items with lower item level than the ones player already has in the same item slot can be traded. Despite this, we guarantee that all of your assigned players will have higher item level than the basic item level of items dropped in this raid (385) and will be able to trade you 99.9% of items they get. The only exceptions are Titanforged items of very high item level increase.

🔒 Account rules and requirements:

  • Your login and password in case of account share. It is with account share on default. If you want to play on your own character, please select the "Self-play" option on the right.
  • Level 120 character. If you don't have it yet, you may order it here.
  • Do not log in your account during the boost.

💬 Contact our operators for any additional questions.

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Battle of Dazar’alor – Mythic Loot Run

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