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About Us - Fragile Boost

Fragile Boost is a collaboration of professional gamers whom offer their services on World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Overwatch and Destiny 2 at the most competitive and fair prices around. We’re one of the most trustworthy, reliable and biggest boosting services around. With compliments to that, we offer a plethora of services such as - Raid boosts at the highest available level, Arena boosting with professionals and character services/accounts at the highest quality. We WILL give the best service to any of our customers and that's a guarantee. Remember, if there's a product you can't find, or simply want to query about, please do not hesitate to contact us through any one of our platforms found at Contact Us and one of our employees will be with you at the earliest convenience. Thanks for choosing Fragile Boost and we hope you enjoy your stay!


Customer safety is our 100% priority. Rest assured, Fragile Boost has your back!


Our customer feedback is very important to us. Due to this, we have a 100% positive feedback rate.


Fragile Boost is 7 years old! We're an incredibly old and experienced boosting service.

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We guarantee the cheapest prices on the market. Think differently? Prove it to us!

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  • 2 years are passed and those guys still rock on. Better than before. Amazing price, amazing comunication, amazing boosters. Bought a mythic hfc run and my poor DK come out from the raid with a FULL mythic gear. The run was extremely smooth and the raiders had solid preparation (literally one shot on each boss). I'm glad you are still here guys. See you in Legion, ready for the Emerald Nightmares!
    Dream Eater from Ownedcore
  • Just got my run done yesterday and man can I tell you, these guys are awesome! I ordered a M Archi kill w/ the mount and received about a day earlier than I expected and the run took about an hour, maybe a bit more. At first I was hesitant, as anyone should when it comes to giving your account information to someone over the internet but their rep was understanding and made the process extremely easy. I spoke with the raider who would be running my account and they were extremely polite as well. After they were done, they informed me and I jumped on to see my new toy and lo and behold, they even left me some of the gear that dropped! Was able to upgrade my belt and gloves (Normally this would be something you'd have to pay for). As I said before, overall, these guys are great and I can't wait to continue using them throughout Legion (First goal is to get CM Gold out of the way). Highly recommend.
    DommyDomuk from Ownedcore
  • Well, they are CHEAPEST by FAR atm. Quality wise they beat every site (including the arrogant blazingboosts). Fragileboost not only is serviceminded but also keeps you updated of your order in a very smooth way, btw how many sites offers streams while doing challenge mode gold, powerlvling, PvE/PvP??? Simple! Fragileboost.com. Not only are they friendly and serviceminded, you get the feeling you want to come back and order from them again. Once fragileboost customer allways a fragileboost customer. My recomendation is TRY them, just once. And see for yourself
    whiterabbitz from EPICNPC
  • Just finished my 2000 boost in 3s fast and smooth, they even pushed the rating to 2200+ for the achievement even though I couldn't pay for it. That's what I call value for your money and appreciation of old customers. Friendly, professional and easy to communicate with. I've also bought 5 challange mode runs in the past 4 in MOP and 1 in WOD always fast and reliable! I will definitely use Fragileboost again!
    tvsub from Ownedcore
  • Even tho if i was a little bit concerned, i decided to buy two piloted boosts. Felt a little bit strange to let another dude play my characters, but they made it really easy for me. I just have to recommend them, they were super friendly and fast! If you really want to buy a boost, then they should be your first choice! Take care Fragile Boosters and thanks again
    takuum from Ownedcore