How does refferal system work?

Register your account and your coupon code in the Referrals menu, in 24 hours we’ll activate your code and sending a package to your e-mail address with our banner including your code.
You will have your own wallet on our website, where you can manage your referrals and your money.
You will get 3% after every purchase has been made with your code.

How to purchase?

Choose a service -> Pay for the service -> Contact us through e-mail or skype

Is my account safe?

Your account is in 100% safe with us. We never ask for your personal datas (secret question / answer). We use private streams at 90% of the boosts in case of account share.

Is my privacy protected?

Our players will never answer to any of your friends messages.
This will guarantee you to get your boost done without any worry about being revealed.
However you can add any note once you purchase and ask us for any kind of special request that would make you comfortable using our services.